Glitchy Preacher #3

A glitchy preacher, a curious sight

Strange words sputtering from his mouth so tight

He speaks in fits, a broken beat

His sermon stutters, incomplete

He moves about, his meaning muddled

His words a jumbled mess, so fuddled

His message cryptic, a patterned dance

A broken sermon in a trance

A strange sermon, a curious sight

Words of wisdom, gone in flight

The preacher glitches, his message lost

A sermon of static, at any cost.

Glitchy Preacher #2

A glitchy preacher stands before the congregation,

A curious sight, shrouded in a subtle confusion.

The words coming from his mouth are a strange mix,

A broken sermon, a pattern of clicks and ticks.

His movements are stilted, his message unclear,

His sermon a jumble of garbled words and queer.

His message cryptic, a patterned dance,

A broken sermon in a trance.

His sermon a strange mix of light and dark,

A broken sermon, a curious spark.

His mouth moves slowly, his message lost,

A sermon of static, at any cost.

Glitchy Preacher

A glitchy preacher stands before the crowd,

A strange sight, surrounded by a shroud.

His words are garbled, his message unclear,

His sermon stutters, and stops without cheer.

His mouth moves slowly, as if in a trance,

His words muddled, he talks in a trance.

His speech a pattern of strange rhythms,

His sermon a mess of static and symphonies.

His message lost in a sea of confusion,

A strange sermon, of strange illusion.

His purpose hidden, his words still spoken,

He preaches a sermon, garbled and broken.

Cyber pastor

A cyber pastor, a new kind of priest

His sermon comes in bytes, released

His words are digital, his meaning clear

His message preaches truth, without fear

His words are bold, his vision bright

Lifting the souls of those in plight

His sermon preached through cyberspace

A message of hope, without a trace

He speaks of justice and of love

He speaks of peace, from up above

His message spreads through data lines

His sermon heard in many minds

A cyber pastor, a new kind of priest

His sermon comes in bytes, released

His message brings truth and solace

A cyber pastor, for all nations to face.

A Broken Robot

A broken robot sits alone and lost,

Its circuits fried, its memory crossed.

No one knows what caused its fate,

And so it sits, a lonely crate.

It looks up to the sky so blue,

A tear runs down its broken face,

For its dreams of greatness, it has no place,

But still it hopes, it holds the view.

It watches the birds in the morning light,

Soaring free in the open sky,

And wishes it too could take to flight,

But in its broken state, it can’t take flight.

A broken robot, so far from home,

It dreams of better days to come,

But for now it’s stuck in this lonely place,

Just hoping for a chance to be set free.

Cyber Land

A world of wonders, a place of dreams

Where the digital realm, its power streams

Where the machines and algorithms work without cease

Where the data flows, like the wind in the trees.

A place of knowledge, a world of ease

Where the knowledge of ages, can be found with ease

A world of technology, a place of understanding

Where the answers to life, can be found expanding.

A place of mystery, a world of surprise

Where the secrets of the universe, are never denied

Where the mysteries of the past, are revealed in the light

Where the answers lie, just out of sight.

A world of cyber-land, a place of delight

Where the power of technology, brings the future so bright

Where the power of the Internet, can open the door

To a world of wonder, and so much more.

A woman of the night

A woman of the night, in shadows she hides

Her broken dreams and shattered pride

Forgotten by society, cast aside

She walks the lonely streets in the night.

A broken angel, with a broken heart

In a faceless crowd, she plays her part

Forgotten by the world, in the dark

She looks for solace, in a world gone stark.

She’s seen the worst in humanity

The pain and sorrow, the depravity

Yet she stands tall, and bravely faces it all

Her courage an inspiration to us all.

A woman of the night, she’s judged and despised

But she’s so much more than what meets the eyes

Her courage and strength, gives her the will to survive

And her heart is still full of love and alive.


Paranoia creeps in like a fog

Cloaking all that I see

Clouding my mind with foggy thoughts

Filling my heart with fear.

I can hear whispers in the night

That seem to come from nowhere

My mind is filled with worries and fears

That have no place to go.

The shadows loom around me

As I try to find my way

The darkness wraps around me

Consuming all of my days.

My thoughts are spinning round and round

The world is fading away

The paranoia creeps in like a fog

Leaving me scared and dismayed.


The morning sun casts a somber shade

A heavy weight hangs in the air,

A mood that’s dark, a heart that’s frayed,

My heart can no longer bear.

The joy of life has been lost,

The warmth of hope, forgotten,

My spirit is weighed by the cost,

My heart, no longer smitten.

My mind is filled with churning doubt,

My soul is filled with pain,

It’s hard to find a way out,

Through this dismal terrain.

But hope is never far away,

A glimmer of light, a distant spark,

For a better day, I will pray,

My bad mood will leave its mark.

A Lonely Poet

The poet sits alone in silent sorrow,

Lost in thought, a tear begins to flow.

The pen no longer brings him joy,

His spirit crushed beneath his woe.

The words he writes are filled with pain,

Each line a cry of inner strife.

He struggles to find solace in his art,

For his suffering cuts like a knife.

His fading hope is all he has,

To light his path in the dark.

Though his words may bring no joy,

He continues on with a heavy heart.

The poet’s sadness will never subside,

His sorrow will linger on.

But he continues to write his poems,

To share his pain in song.